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    On the Deployment Approach of IPSec and IP Filter in Routers
    Wang Li, Xu Mingwei, and Xu Ke
    2006, 43(3): 375-380.
    Abstract PDF
    A Cluster-Based Multipath Dynamic Source Routing in MANET
    An Huiyao, Lu Xicheng, Peng Wei, Gong Zhenghu
    2006, 43(3): 381-388.
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    Self-Similar Traffic Synthesizing Using Gaussian Mixture Model in Wavelet Domain
    Ji Qijin and Dong Yongqiang
    2006, 43(3): 389-394.
    Abstract PDF
    Small World Based Adaptive Probabilistic Search (SWAPS) for Unstructured Peer-to-Peer File Systems
    Feng Guofu, Mao Yingchi, Lu Sanglu, and Chen Daoxu
    2006, 43(3): 395-401.
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    A Best-Effort Adaptive Sampling Method for Flow-Based Traffic Monitoring
    Yang Jianhua, Xie Gaogang, and Li Zhongcheng
    2006, 43(3): 402-409.
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    Privacy Protection in the Relative Position Determination for Two Spatial Geometric Objects
    Luo Yonglong, Huang Liusheng, Jin Weiwei, Xu Weijiang
    2006, 43(3): 410-416.
    Abstract PDF
    Research of a Network Scan Detection Algorithm Based on the FSA Model
    Liu Lijun and Huai Jinpeng
    2006, 43(3): 417-422.
    Abstract PDF
    Design and Implementation of a Multi-Layered Privilege Control Mechanism
    Shen Qingni, Qing Sihan, and Li Liping
    2006, 43(3): 423-428.
    Abstract PDF
    A New Data Visualization Algorithm Based on SOM
    Shao Chao and Huang Houkuan
    2006, 43(3): 429-435.
    Abstract PDF
    Improvements of Particle Swarm in Binary CSPs with Maximal Degree Variables Ordering
    Yang Qingyun, Sun Jigui, Zhang Juyang
    2006, 43(3): 436-441.
    Abstract PDF
    SVM Fast Training Algorithm Research Based on Multi-Lagrange Multiplier
    Ye Ning, Sun Ruixiang, Dong Yisheng
    2006, 43(3): 442-448.
    Abstract PDF
    Effectively Implementing a Pattern Learning Method in the Question Answering System
    Du Yongping, Huang Xuanjing, Wu Lide
    2006, 43(3): 449-455.
    Abstract PDF
    Frequent Subtree Mining Based on Projected Branch
    Zhao Chuanshen, Sun Zhihui, and Zhang Jing
    2006, 43(3): 456-462.
    Abstract PDF
    Locality Preserving Clustering for Image Database
    Zheng Xin and Lin Xueyin
    2006, 43(3): 463-469.
    Abstract PDF
    Audio-Visual Bimodal Speaker Identification Using Dynamic Bayesian Networks
    Wu Zhiyong and Cai Lianhong
    2006, 43(3): 470-475.
    Abstract PDF
    A Medium Vocabulary Visual Recognition System for Chinese Sign Language
    Zhang Liangguo, Gao Wen, Chen Xilin, Chen Yiqiang, Wang Chunli
    2006, 43(3): 476-482.
    Abstract PDF
    A Novel Robust Estimation Algorithm Based on Linear EIV Model
    Hu Yusuo and Chen Zonghai
    2006, 43(3): 483-488.
    Abstract PDF
    Research on Hierarchical Topic Detection in Topic Detection and Tracking
    Yu Manquan, Luo Weihua, Xu Hongbo, Bai Shuo
    2006, 43(3): 489-495.
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    A Mode for Developing OpenMP Programs Based on Dynamic Parallel Region
    Li Jianjiang, Shu Jiwu, Chen Yongjian, Wang Dingxing, Zheng Weimin
    2006, 43(3): 496-502.
    Abstract PDF
    A Software Reliability Growth Model Considering Differences Between Testing and Operation
    Zhao Jing, Liu Hongwei, Cui Gang, and Yang Xiaozong
    2006, 43(3): 503-508.
    Abstract PDF
    Algorithms for Incremental Aggregation over Distributed Data Stream
    Wang Yongli, Xu Hongbing, Dong Yisheng, Qian Jiangbo, Liu Xuejun
    2006, 43(3): 509-515.
    Abstract PDF
    Cube Navigation Based on Exceptional Distribution
    Yu Hui, Tang Shiwei, Yang Dongqing, Ma Xiuli
    2006, 43(3): 516-521.
    Abstract PDF
    Real-Time Multiversion Concurrency Control Based on Validation Factor
    Hao Zhongxiao, Han Qilong
    2006, 43(3): 522-527.
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    A Topology Complexity Based Method to Approximate Isosurface with Trilinear Interpolated Triangular Patch
    Liang Xiuxia, Zhang Caiming, Liu Yi, and Zhang Aiwu
    2006, 43(3): 528-535.
    Abstract PDF
    An Efficient Spatial Error Concealment for Video Transmission
    Xu Zhiliang, Xie Shengli, Zhou Zhiheng
    2006, 43(3): 536-541.
    Abstract PDF
    A Assembly Constraint Semantic Model in Distributed Virtual Environment
    Sui Aina, Wu Wei, Chen Xiaowu, Zhao Qinping
    2006, 43(3): 542-550.
    Abstract PDF
    An Efficient and Complete Method for Solving Mixed Constraints
    Ji Xiaohui, Zhang Jian
    2006, 43(3): 551-556.
    Abstract PDF
    Emulation and Forecast of HPL Test Performance
    Zhang Wenli, Chen Mingyu, and Fan Jianping
    2006, 43(3): 557-562.
    Abstract PDF
    A Statistical Admission Control Algorithm for Storage Systems with Mixed Multimedia Workloads
    Li Zhong, Wang Gang, and Liu Jing
    2006, 43(3): 563-570.
    Abstract PDF