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    Semi-Online Scheduling Algorithm of Multi-Agent in Network Management
    Liu Bo, Li Wei, Luo Junzhou, and Bian Zheng'ai
    2006, 43(4): 571-578.
    Abstract PDF
    Stochastic Sleeping for Energy-Conserving in Large Wireless Sensor Networks
    Shi Gaotao and Liao Minghong
    2006, 43(4): 579-585.
    Abstract PDF
    Study of Mechanism of Trust Management to P2P Networks Based on the Repeated Game Theory
    Liu Ye and Yang Peng
    2006, 43(4): 586-593.
    Abstract PDF
    Proxy Caching for Interactive Streaming Media
    Liu Wei, ChunTung Chou, Cheng Wenqing, Du Xu
    2006, 43(4): 594-600.
    Abstract PDF
    A Distributed Network Monitoring Model with Link Constraint
    Cai Zhiping, Yin Jianping, Liu Xianghui, Liu Fang, and Lü Shaohe
    2006, 43(4): 601-606.
    Abstract PDF
    ERSN: An Efficient and Robust Super-Peer P2P Network
    Zheng Qianbing, Peng Wei, and Lu Xicheng
    2006, 43(4): 607-612.
    Abstract PDF
    An New Method of Audio-Digital Watermarking Based on Trap Strategy
    Wang Rangding, Jiang Gangyi, Chen Jin'er, and Zhu Bin
    2006, 43(4): 613-620.
    Abstract PDF
    Intrusion Detection for Ad Hoc Routing Based on Fuzzy Behavior Analysis
    Zhang Xiaoning and Feng Dengguo
    2006, 43(4): 621-626.
    Abstract PDF
    The Implementation of Alert Aggregation and Dataset Testing
    Qian Jun, Xu Chao, Shi Meilin
    2006, 43(4): 627-632.
    Abstract PDF
    An Intrusion Detection Ensemble System Based on the Features Extracted by PCA and ICA
    Gu Yu, Xu Zongben, Sun Jian, Zheng Jinhui
    2006, 43(4): 633-638.
    Abstract PDF
    A Low Cost RSA Chip Design Based on CRT
    Wu Min, Zeng Xiaoyang, Han Jun, Ma Yongxin, Wu Yongyi, and Zhang Guoquan
    2006, 43(4): 639-645.
    Abstract PDF
    Modified Particle Swarm Optimization Based on Differential Model
    Cui Zhihua and Zeng Jianchao
    2006, 43(4): 646-653.
    Abstract PDF
    An Annealing Expectation Maximization Algorithm
    Qi Yingjian, Luo Siwei, Huang Yaping, Li Aijun, Liu Yunhui
    2006, 43(4): 654-660.
    Abstract PDF
    A Reinforcement Learning Method Based on Node-Growing k-Means Clustering Algorithm
    Chen Zonghai, Wen Feng, Nie Jianbin, and Wu Xiaoshu
    2006, 43(4): 661-666.
    Abstract PDF
    Employing BP Neural Networks to Alleviate the Sparsity Issue in Collaborative Filtering Recommendation Algorithms
    Zhang Feng and Chang Huiyou
    2006, 43(4): 667-672.
    Abstract PDF
    Research on Learning Weights of Fuzzy Production Rules Based on Maximum Fuzzy Entropy
    Wang Xizhao and An Sufang
    2006, 43(4): 673-678.
    Abstract PDF
    Algebraic-Trigonometric Splines
    Chen Wenyu and Wang Guozhao
    2006, 43(4): 679-687.
    Abstract PDF
    A Constrained Curve Surface Deformation Model Based on Metaball
    Li Lingfeng, Tan Jianrong, and Chen Yuanpeng
    2006, 43(4): 688-694.
    Abstract PDF
    A Shape Adaptive Integer Wavelet Coding Algorithm Based on New Quantization Scheme
    Song Chuanming, Wang Xianghai
    2006, 43(4): 695-701.
    Abstract PDF
    Statistical Landscape Features for Texture Retrieval
    Xu Cunlu, Chen Yanqiu, Lu Hanqing
    2006, 43(4): 702-707.
    Abstract PDF
    Remote Sensing Image Classification Based on a Loose Modified FastICA Algorithm
    Wang Xiaomin, Zeng Shenggen, and Xia Deshen
    2006, 43(4): 708-715.
    Abstract PDF
    Design of Mongolian Operating System Within the Framework of Internationalization
    Rui Jianwu, Wu Jian, and Sun Yufang
    2006, 43(4): 716-721.
    Abstract PDF
    The Priority Mapping Problem in Static Real-Time Middleware
    Wang Baojin, Li Mingshu, Wang Zhigang
    2006, 43(4): 722-728.
    Abstract PDF
    A Buffer Management Policy in IA-64 Large-Scale Video Streaming Servers
    Yu Hongliang, Chen Jing, Li Yi, Zheng Weimin
    2006, 43(4): 729-737.
    Abstract PDF
    A New Java Memory Model L-JMM
    Wu Junmin and Chen Guoliang
    2006, 43(4): 738-743.
    Abstract PDF
    A Low-Power Instruction Cache Design Based on Record Buffer
    Ma Zhiqiang, Ji Zhenzhou, and Hu Mingzeng
    2006, 43(4): 744-751.
    Abstract PDF
    A TTA-Based ASIP Design Methodology for Embedded Systems
    Yue Hong, Shen Li, Dai Kui, and Wang Zhiying
    2006, 43(4): 752-758.
    Abstract PDF