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    Facial Expression Recognition Based on Gabor Histogram Feature and MVBoost
    Liu Xiaomin and Zhang Yujin
    2007, 44(7): 1089-1096.
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    Feature-Preserved Progressive Texture-Mesh in Digital Museum
    Shen Xukun, Zhao Xuewei, and Zhao Qinping
    2007, 44(7): 1097-1104.
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    A Generalized Variational Image Restoration Model Based on MAP and Robust Estimation
    Xiao Liang, Wei Zhihui, Wu Huizhong
    2007, 44(7): 1105-1113.
    Abstract PDF
    A New Method to Find the Boundary Point from Volume Data
    Yang Xingqiang, Zhang Caiming, Liu Yi
    2007, 44(7): 1114-1120.
    Abstract PDF
    Laplacian Semi-Supervised Regression on a Manifold
    Yang Jian, Wang Jue, Zhong Ning
    2007, 44(7): 1121-1127.
    Abstract PDF
    An Effective Pruning Algorithm for Least Squares Support Vector Machine Classifier
    Yang Xiaowei, Lu Jie, Zhang Guangquan
    2007, 44(7): 1128-1136.
    Abstract PDF
    A New Data Visualization Algorithm Based on ISOMAP
    Shao Chao, Huang Houkuan
    2007, 44(7): 1137-1143.
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    A Multi-Candidate Mathematical Expression Recognition System
    Guo Yusheng, Huang Lei, Liu Changping
    2007, 44(7): 1144-1150.
    Abstract PDF
    A Modeling Method of User Profile Based on Ontology
    Chen Junjie, Liu Wei
    2007, 44(7): 1151-1159.
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    ProFaM: An Efficient Algorithm for Protein Sequence Family Mining
    Xiong Yun, Chen Yue, Zhu Yangyong
    2007, 44(7): 1160-1168.
    Abstract PDF
    A Novel Graph Classification Approach Based on Frequent Closed Emerging Patterns
    Liu Yong, Li Jianzhong, and Zhu Jinghua
    2007, 44(7): 1169-1176.
    Abstract PDF
    Research on an Algorithm for Mining Frequent Closed Itemsets
    Zhu Yuquan and Song Yuqing
    2007, 44(7): 1177-1183.
    Abstract PDF
    An Algorithm for Mining Closed Frequent Itemsets Based on Apposition Assembly of Iceberg Concept Lattices
    Wang Liming and Zhang Zhuo
    2007, 44(7): 1184-1190.
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    A High-Performance Strategy for Optimizing Web Services
    Li Lei, Niu Chunlei, Chen Ningjiang, Wei Jun
    2007, 44(7): 1191-1198.
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    Research on Optimal Paging in Movement-Based Location Management Scheme
    Zhu Yihua, Zhu Fan, Luo Hezhi
    2007, 44(7): 1199-1204.
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    A Study of Key Problems of HFE Cryptosystem
    Chen Huiyan, Wang Lianqiang, Lü Shuwang
    2007, 44(7): 1205-1210.
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    Research on Quantization-Based Robust Video Watermarking Technique Against Geometrical Attacks
    Lou Oujun, Wang Xianghai, Wang Zhengxuan
    2007, 44(7): 1211-1218.
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    Forward Secure Group Signature Schemes with Efficient Revocation
    Li Rupeng, Yu Jia, Li Guowen, Li Daxing
    2007, 44(7): 1219-1226.
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    Measurement and Elimination of Information Disclosure in Publishing Views
    Liu Guohua, Song Jinling, Huang Liming, Zhao Danfeng, Song Li
    2007, 44(7): 1227-1235.
    Abstract PDF
    A Feature Oriented Approach to Mapping from Domain Requirements to Product Line Architecture
    Li Yuqin and Zhao Wenyun
    2007, 44(7): 1236-1242.
    Abstract PDF
    Research on Cross-Organizational Workflow Modeling Based on Pi-Calculus
    Zhang Jing, Wang Haiyang, and Cui Lizhen
    2007, 44(7): 1243-1251.
    Abstract PDF
    Design and Implementation of an Improved FPGA-Based 32-Bit Logarithmic Converter
    Mou Shengmei and Yang Xiaodong
    2007, 44(7): 1252-1258.
    Abstract PDF
    A High Level Synthesis Scheme and Its Realization for Low Power Design in VLSI
    Wen Dongxin, Yang Xiaozong, and Wang Ling
    2007, 44(7): 1259-1264.
    Abstract PDF
    A Loop Fusion Conscious Inline Model
    Zhou Qian, Feng Xiaobing, and Zhang Zhaoqing
    2007, 44(7): 1265-1271.
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