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    Rigid Mesh Deformation with Detail Preserving
    Zhao Yong, Xiao Chunxia, Shi Feng, Peng Qunsheng
    2010, 47(1): 1-7.
    Abstract PDF
    Real-Time Garment Animation Based on Mixed Model
    Mao Tianlu, Xia Shihong, Zhu Xiaolong, and Wang Zhaoqi
    2010, 47(1): 8-15.
    Abstract PDF
    Face Occlusion Detection and Reconstruction
    Wang Zhiming, Tao Jianhua
    2010, 47(1): 16-22.
    Abstract PDF
    An Image Matching Algorithm Based on Singular Value Decomposition
    Zhao Feng, Huang Qingming, Gao Wen
    2010, 47(1): 23-32.
    Abstract PDF
    Patch Similarity Based Anisotropic Diffusion for Image Denoising
    Chen Qiang, Zheng Yuhui, Sun Quansen, Xia Deshen
    2010, 47(1): 33-42.
    Abstract PDF
    Research on Statistical Information Reconstruction of Images Based on Multiple-Point Geostatistics Integrating Soft Data with Hard Data
    Zhang Ting, Lu Detang, Li Daolun, Du Yi
    2010, 47(1): 43-52.
    Abstract PDF
    A Terrain Model Simplification Method Based on Adaptive Areas Division
    Zhang Huijie, Lü Yinghua, Liu Shuhua
    2010, 47(1): 53-61.
    Abstract PDF
    Example Based 3D Animation Creating Interactively
    Lu Difei, Ren Wenhua, Li Guojun, and Si Jin
    2010, 47(1): 62-71.
    Abstract PDF
    An Efficient Algorithm for Mining Compressed Sequential Patterns
    Tong Yongxin, Zhang Yuanyuan, Yuan Mei, Ma Shilong, Yu Dan, Zhao Li
    2010, 47(1): 72-80.
    Abstract PDF
    A Semi-Supervised Learning Algorithm from Imbalanced Data Based on KL Divergence
    Xu Zhen, Sha Chaofeng, Wang Xiaoling, Zhou Aoying
    2010, 47(1): 81-87.
    Abstract PDF
    A Query Relaxation Strategy Applied in a Deep Web Data Integration System
    Shen Derong, Ma Ye, Nie Tiezheng, Kou Yue, and Yu Ge
    2010, 47(1): 88-95.
    Abstract PDF
    Pass-Count-Based Path Query on Big Graph Datasets
    Xu Shifeng, Gao Jun, Yang Dongqing, and Wang Tengjiao
    2010, 47(1): 96-103.
    Abstract PDF
    Uncertain Path Prediction of Moving Objects on Road Networks
    Guo Limin, Ding Zhiming, Hu Zelin, Chen Chao
    2010, 47(1): 104-112.
    Abstract PDF
    Feature Point Based Image Watermarking Scheme in Contourlet Domain Against Geometrical Attacks
    Lou Oujun
    2010, 47(1): 113-120.
    Abstract PDF
    Privacy Preserving Towards Continuous Query in Location-Based Services
    Pan Xiao, Hao Xing, and Meng Xiaofeng
    2010, 47(1): 121-129.
    Abstract PDF
    Convergence Property of a Generic Particle Filter Algorithm
    Qu Yanwen, Zhang Erhua, and Yang Jingyu
    2010, 47(1): 130-139.
    Abstract PDF
    A Novel Subjective Logic for Trust Management
    Wang Jin, Sun Huaijiang
    2010, 47(1): 140-146.
    Abstract PDF
    Dynamic Web Service Selection Based on Discrete Particle Swarm Optimization
    Fan Xiaoqin, Jiang Changjun, Fang Xianwen, Ding Zhijun
    2010, 47(1): 147-156.
    Abstract PDF
    A Probabilistic Approach to Analyze and Adjust Time Constraints in Workflow Management System
    Han Rui, Liu Yingbo, Wen Lijie, and Wang Jianmin
    2010, 47(1): 157-163.
    Abstract PDF
    Answer Set Programming Representation for E-R Model
    Li Xin, Li Fan, Bian Xingbin, Liu Qihe
    2010, 47(1): 164-173.
    Abstract PDF
    GPE: A Graph-Based Determination Model for Meaningful NFS Query Result
    Li Xiaoguang and Song Baoyan
    2010, 47(1): 174-181.
    Abstract PDF
    Server Transparent Query Authentication of Outsourced Database
    Zhang Min, Hong Cheng, and Chen Chi
    2010, 47(1): 182-190.
    Abstract PDF
    Index Structures for Supporting Block Edit Distance
    Wang Bin, Guo Qing, Li Zhongbo, Yang Xiaochun
    2010, 47(1): 191-199.
    Abstract PDF