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    Key-Postures Based Automated Construction of Motion Graph
    Zong Dan, Li Chunpeng, Xia Shihong, Wang Zhaoqi
    2010, 47(8): 1321-1328.
    Abstract PDF
    Image Thresholding Based on Relevance Vector Machine
    Qiao Lishan, Chen Songcan, Wang Min
    2010, 47(8): 1329-1337.
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    The L\-2 Distances for Rational Surfaces Based on Matrix Representation of Degree Elevation
    Huang Weixian and Wang Guojin
    2010, 47(8): 1338-1345.
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    A Blind Watermarking Algorithm for 2D Engineering Graphics Based on Entity Substitution and Mean Value of Wavelet Coefficients
    Peng Fei, Huang Xiaofeng, Deng Tao, Long Min
    2010, 47(8): 1346-1353.
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    A Survey of Physics-Based Human Motion Simulation
    Xia Shihong, Wei Yi, and Wang Zhaoqi
    2010, 47(8): 1354-1361.
    Abstract PDF
    Approaches to Knowledge Reduction in Interval-Valued Information Systems
    Zhang Nan, Miao Duoqian, Yue Xiaodong
    2010, 47(8): 1362-1371.
    Abstract PDF
    Reduced Support Vector Clustering
    Ling Ping, Wang Zhe, Zhou Chunguang, Huang Lan
    2010, 47(8): 1372-1381.
    Abstract PDF
    Study of Multi-Agent Trust Coalition Based on Self-Organization Evolution
    Cheng Bailiang, Zeng Guosun, Jie Anquan
    2010, 47(8): 1382-1391.
    Abstract PDF
    A Transductive Multi-Label Classification Method for Weak Labeling
    Kong Xiangnan, Li Ming, Jiang Yuan, and Zhou Zhihua
    2010, 47(8): 1392-1399.
    Abstract PDF
    A Bi-Sparse Relational Learning Algorithm Based on Multiple Kernel Learning
    Han Yanjun and Wang Jue
    2010, 47(8): 1400-1406.
    Abstract PDF
    A Classification Method for Class-Imbalanced Data and Its Application on Bioinformatics
    Zou Quan, Guo Maozu, Liu Yang, and Wang Jun
    2010, 47(8): 1407-1414.
    Abstract PDF
    Efficient Processing of X-Tuple Based Top-k Queries in Uncertain Database
    Liu Dexi, Wan Changxuan, and Liu Xiping
    2010, 47(8): 1415-1423.
    Abstract PDF
    Efficient Global Model-Checking for Propositional μ-Calculus
    Jiang Hua
    2010, 47(8): 1424-1433.
    Abstract PDF
    Optimizing OpenMP by Array Privatization on the Multi-Core Platform of IBM Cell
    Li Jianjiang, Liu Zhenzhen, and Wang Jue
    2010, 47(8): 1434-1441.
    Abstract PDF
    Analysis of Service Replaceability on Behavior Effect
    Liu Ying, Zhang Yichuan, Zhang Bin, Zhang Mingwei, Zhu Zhiliang
    2010, 47(8): 1442-1449.
    Abstract PDF
    VSR: Data Gathering in Opportunistic Mobile Sensor Network with Multiple Sinks
    Xiong Yongping, Sun Limin, Ma Jian, Niu Jianwei
    2010, 47(8): 1450-1458.
    Abstract PDF
    An Unequal Clustering Algorithm in Wireless Sensor Networks Based on Traffic Prediction
    Li Jie and Han Zhijie
    2010, 47(8): 1459-1465.
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    MEANS: A Micro-thrEad Architecture for Network Servers
    Gong Yili, Lei Yingchun, Zhang Wen, Wu Chanle, Zhang Guo'an
    2010, 47(8): 1466-1480.
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    A Hard/Soft Integrated Control Flow Checking Method at Assembly Level
    Wu Yanxia, Gu Guochang, Dai Kui, Liu Haibo, Shen Jing
    2010, 47(8): 1481-1489.
    Abstract PDF
    A Log-Based Task Model Inference Tool and Its Applications
    Gao Chongnan, Yu Hongliang, and Zheng Weimin
    2010, 47(8): 1490-1496.
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