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    A Collusion Detector Based on Fuzzy Logic in P2P Trust Model
    Miao Guangsheng, Feng Dengguo, Su Purui
    2011, 48(12): 2187-2200.
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    An Approach of Trusted Usage Control in Distributed Environment
    Hu Hao, Feng Dengguo, Qin Yu, Yu Aimin
    2011, 48(12): 2201-2211.
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    FPGA Implementation and Verification of a Pseudo-Pipelined VLSI Architecture of Two Elliptic Curve Scalar Multiplications
    Wang Xu, Zhang Yan, and Quan Jinguo
    2011, 48(12): 2212-2218.
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    A Trusted Computing-Based Security Architecture for Policy-Label Protection
    Liu Ziwen, Feng Dengguo, Yu Aimin
    2011, 48(12): 2219-2226.
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    Protecting Programs Based on Randomizing the Encapsulated Structure
    Chen Ping, Xing Xiao, Xin Zhi, Wang Yi, Mao Bing, and Xie Li
    2011, 48(12): 2227-2234.
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    A Reputation Based Attack-Resistant Distributed Trust Management Model for P2P Networks
    Hu Jianli, Zhou Bin, Wu Quanyuan, Li Xiaohua
    2011, 48(12): 2235-2241.
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    BAR-BGP: Achieving High Reliability Interdomain Routing Through Backup AS-Address Advertisement and Recovery Forwarding
    Hu Qiaolin, Sun Yipin, and Su Jinshu
    2011, 48(12): 2242-2252.
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    A P2P Network Traffic Identification Approach Based on Machine Learning
    Li Zhiyuan, Wang Ruchuan
    2011, 48(12): 2253-2260.
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    A Method on Jointing Mobility of BS and Routing for Lifetime Optimization in Wireless Sensor Networks
    Qu Jiaqing, Zhang Shu, Guo Wenzhuo
    2011, 48(12): 2261-2267.
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    Performance Bottleneck Analysis and Solution of Shared Memory Operating System on a Multi-Core Platform
    Yuan Qingbo, Zhao Jianbo, Chen Mingyu, Sun Ninghui
    2011, 48(12): 2268-2276.
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    A Runtime Monitoring Web Services Interaction Behaviors Method Based on CPN
    Zhu Jun, Guo Changguo, Wu Quanyuan
    2011, 48(12): 2277-2289.
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    Static Race Detection of Interrupt-Driven Programs
    Huo Wei, Yu Hongtao, Feng Xiaobing, and Zhang Zhaoqing
    2011, 48(12): 2290-2299.
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    An Assignment Model and Algorithm for Self-Adaptive Software Based on Architecture
    Chen Honglong, Li Renfa, Li Rui, Edwin Sha
    2011, 48(12): 2300-2307.
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    Research Progresses on Energy-Efficient Software Optimization Techniques
    Zhao Xia, Guo Yao, Chen Xiangqun
    2011, 48(12): 2308-2316.
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    Parallel Computation Techniques for Dynamic Description Logics Reasoning
    Wang Zhuxiao, Hu Hong, Chen Limin, Shi Zhongzhi
    2011, 48(12): 2317-2325.
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    Real AdaBoost Algorithm for Multi-Class and Imbalanced Classification Problems
    Fu Zhongliang
    2011, 48(12): 2326-2333.
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    An Algorithm for Calculating Minimal Unsatisfiability-Preserving Subsets of Ontology in DL-Lite
    Zhou Liping, Huang Houkuan, Qi Guilin, Qu Youli, Ji Qiu
    2011, 48(12): 2334-2342.
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    SHP-VI: A Shortest Hamiltonian Path-Based POMDP Value Iteration Algorithm
    Feng Qi, Zhou Xuezhong, Huang Houkuan, and Zhang Xiaoping
    2011, 48(12): 2343-2351.
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    A Hierarchical Reinforcement Learning Method Based on Heuristic Reward Function
    Liu Quan, Yan Qicui, Fu Yuchen, Hu Daojing, and Gong Shengrong
    2011, 48(12): 2352-2358.
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    Human Pose Tracking Based on Partitioned Sampling Particle Filter and Multiple Cues Fusion
    Liu Chenguang, Liu Jiafeng, Huang Jianhua, and Tang Xianglong
    2011, 48(12): 2359-2368.
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    A Method of Stream Cube Computing Based on Interesting View Subset
    Hou Dongfeng, Zhang Weiming, Liu Qingbao, and Deng Su
    2011, 48(12): 2369-2378.
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    Fast Algorithm of Nearest Neighbor Query for Line Segments of Spatial Database
    Liu Runtao, Hao Zhongxiao
    2011, 48(12): 2379-2384.
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    Fusion of Morphological Features for Mongolian Part of Speech Based on Maximum Entropy Model
    Zhang Guanhong, S.Loglo, Odbal
    2011, 48(12): 2385-2390.
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    Test Data Compression and Decompression Using Symmetry-Variable Codes
    Liang Huaguo, Jiang Cuiyun, Luo Qiang
    2011, 48(12): 2391-2399.
    Abstract PDF
    Adaptive Buffer Management for Leakage Power Optimization in NoC Routers
    Qi Shubo, Li Jinwen, Yue Daheng, Zhao Tianlei, and Zhang Minxuan
    2011, 48(12): 2400-2409.
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