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    Path Nodes-Driven Least-Cost Shortest Path Tree Algorithm
    Zhou Ling, Wang Jianxin
    2011, 48(5): 721-728.
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    Altruism Driven Application-Layer Multicast
    Wang Miao, Peng Ge, Zhang Yujun, Li Guojie
    2011, 48(5): 729-735.
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    SOSC:A Self-Organizing Semantic Cluster Based P2P Query Routing Algorithm
    Zhu Guiming, Jin Shiyao, Guo Deke, Wei Hailiang
    2011, 48(5): 736-745.
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    Distributed and Dynamic Spectrum Allocation in Unlicensed Band Networks
    Hu Yun, Wang Dapeng, and Yang Shoubao
    2011, 48(5): 746-755.
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    libpcap-MT: A General Purpose Packet Capture Library with Multi-Thread
    Wen Shuguang, Xie Gaogang
    2011, 48(5): 756-764.
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    Content-Based Publish/Subscribe Mechanism and Algorithm Based on Predicate Covering
    Pan Yi, Zhang Kailong, and Pan Jingui
    2011, 48(5): 765-777.
    Abstract PDF
    Multi-Source Interactive Application Layer Multicast Routing Protocol
    Gao Jianmin, Lu Huimei, and Cao Yuanda
    2011, 48(5): 778-785.
    Abstract PDF
    A Distributed Area Coverage Algorithm Based on Delayed Awakening in Wireless Sensor Networks
    He Xin, Gui Xiaolin, An Jian
    2011, 48(5): 786-792.
    Abstract PDF
    Message Delivery Properties in Opportunistic Networks
    Cai Qingsong, Niu Jianwei, Liu Yan
    2011, 48(5): 793-801.
    Abstract PDF
    ADFA Protocol for RFID Tag Collision Arbitration
    Wu Haifeng and Zeng Yu
    2011, 48(5): 802-810.
    Abstract PDF
    Survey on QBF Evaluation Algorithms
    Li Zhoujun, Chen Shikun
    2011, 48(5): 811-822.
    Abstract PDF
    Fast Incremental Outlier Mining Algorithm Based on Grid and Capacity
    Zhang Jing, Sun Zhihui, Yang Ming, Ni Weiwei, Yang Yidong
    2011, 48(5): 823-830.
    Abstract PDF
    Composing Semantic Web Service with Description Logic Rules
    Liu Sipei, Liu Dayou, Qi Hong, and Guan Jinghua
    2011, 48(5): 831-840.
    Abstract PDF
    Modeling Chess Strategy by Classifier Based on Imbalance Learning and Application in Computer Chinese Chess
    Su Pan, Wang Xizhao, and Li Yan
    2011, 48(5): 841-847.
    Abstract PDF
    Physicomimetics Method for Global Optimization
    Xie Liping and Zeng Jianchao
    2011, 48(5): 848-854.
    Abstract PDF
    A Method of Text Sentiment Classification Based on Weighted Rough Membership
    Wang Suge, Li Deyu, Wei Yingjie
    2011, 48(5): 855-861.
    Abstract PDF
    A Secure Mobile Code Protocol Based on Committed Garbled Circuit
    Ye Jianwei, Zhang Hongli, Zhang Yongzheng
    2011, 48(5): 862-868.
    Abstract PDF
    A Software Behavior Oriented Requirements Model and Properties Verification
    Wu Huaiguang, Wu Guoqing, Chen Shu, and Wan Li
    2011, 48(5): 869-876.
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    Grid Workflow Scheduling Algorithm Based on Deadline Satisfaction
    Li Xi, Hu Zhigang, Hu Zhoujun, Yan Chaokun
    2011, 48(5): 877-884.
    Abstract PDF
    TGG Based Automatic Transformation Between SBML and Other Biological Modeling Languages
    Zhu Shijia, Wang Yadong, Ji Chunguang, and Tao Haijun
    2011, 48(5): 885-896.
    Abstract PDF
    A Random Sampling Based SPM Management Mechanism
    Deng Ning, Ji Weixing, Shi Feng, and Song Hong
    2011, 48(5): 897-905.
    Abstract PDF
    A Structural Vulnerability Analysis Algorithm for LargeScale Distributed System
    Zhao Gang, Kuang Xiaohui, Li Jin, Zheng Weimin
    2011, 48(5): 906-912.
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