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    A Flow-Based Differentiated Service Scheme in PMIPv6 Networks
    Shen Li, Zhang Hanwen, Xu Zhijun,Zhang Yujun, Li Zhongcheng, and Pan Xianfeng
    2011, 48(9): 1571-1579.
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    Distributed Computing Model and Supporting Technologies for the Dynamic Allocation of Internet Resources
    Peng Yuxing, Wu Jiqing, and Shen Rui
    2011, 48(9): 1580-1588.
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    A Large-scale Device Collaboration Mechanism
    Rong Xiaohui, Chen Feng, Deng Pan, and Ma Shilong
    2011, 48(9): 1589-1596.
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    Gamma Distribution of the Internet Traffic Zoomed
    Zhang Guangxing, Xie Gaogang, Zhang Dafang
    2011, 48(9): 1597-1607.
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    An Energy Efficient Scheduling Mechanism for Real-time Services in 802.16e
    Xue Kaiping, Zhu Bin, Hong Peilin, and Lu Hancheng
    2011, 48(9): 1608-1615.
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    Network-Coding Based Multicast Routing in VANET
    Luo Juan, Xiao Yi, Lu Zhen, and Li Renfa
    2011, 48(9): 1616-1622.
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    VoIP Capacity Analysis and Optimization for IEEE 802.11e Wireless Local Networks Using Node Differentiation
    Wu Qilin, Lu Yang, Ge Lunyue, Tian Yiming
    2011, 48(9): 1623-1633.
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    A Business Oriented Risk Assessment Model
    Li Bin, Xie Feng, Chen Zhong
    2011, 48(9): 1634-642.
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    Synchronization in Inter-Packet Delay Based Flow Correlation Techniques
    Zhang Lu, Luo Junzhou, Yang Ming, He Gaofeng
    2011, 48(9): 1643-1651.
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    Secure Data Aggregation Algorithm Based on Reputations Set Pair Analysis in Wireless Sensor Networks
    Ma Shouming, Wang Ruchuan, Ye Ning
    2011, 48(9): 1652-1658.
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    Detection of Code Vulnerabilities via Constraint-Based Analysis and Model Checking
    Wang Lei, Chen Gui, and Jin Maozhong
    2011, 48(9): 1659-1666.
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    Improved Coupled Tent Map Lattices Model and Its Characteristics Analysis
    Liu Jiandong, Yang Kai, and Yu Youming
    2011, 48(9): 1667-1675.
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    A Self-Optimization Mechanism of System Service Performance Based on Autonomic Computing
    Zheng Ruijuan, Wu Qingtao, Zhang Mingchuan, Li Guanfeng, Pu Jiexin, Wang Huiqiang
    2011, 48(9): 1676-1684.
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    Heterogeneous Distributed Linear Regression Privacy-Preserving Modeling
    Fang Weiwei, Ren Jiang, Xia Hongke
    2011, 48(9): 1685-1692.
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    MIOS: A Scalable Multi-Instance OS for Large Scale CCNUMA System
    Lu Kai, Chi Wanqing, Gao Yinghui, Feng Hua
    2011, 48(9): 1693-1703.
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    A Schema-Based Approach to GML Compression
    Wei Qingting, Guan Jihong, Zhou Shuigeng
    2011, 48(9): 1704-1713.
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    A of Feature Reuse Method at Requirement Level Based on Aspect Encapsulation
    Luo Shutong, Pei Zhili, Zhang Changhai, Jin Ying
    2011, 48(9): 1714-1721.
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    A Weighted Algorithm of Inductive Transfer Learning Based on Maximum Entropy Model
    Mei Canhua, Zhang Yuhong, Hu Xuegang, and Li Peipei
    2011, 48(9): 1722-1728.
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    Multi-Objective Evolutionary Algorithm for Principal Curve Model Based on Multifractal
    Zhang Dongmei, Gong Xiaosheng, and Dai Guangming
    2011, 48(9): 1729-1739.
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    A Running State Analysis Model for Humanoid Robot
    Wang Xianfeng, Hong Bingrong, Piao Songhao, and Zhong Qiubo
    2011, 48(9): 1740-1747.
    Abstract PDF
    A Reconfigurable System-on-Chip Design Methodology Based on Function-Level Programming Model
    Chen Yu, Li Renfa, Zhong Jun, and Liu Tao
    2011, 48(9): 1748-1758.
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    An Optimized Partitioning Algorithm for Complex Network Based on Social Simulations on Cluster Computing Platform
    Yao Yiping and Zhang Yingxing
    2011, 48(9): 1759-1767.
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    A Lifetime-limited Causal Order Control Method in Asynchronous DVE System
    Zhou Hangjun, Zhang Wei, Peng Yuxing, Li Sikun
    2011, 48(9): 1768-1780.
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    Ribs and Fans of Bézier Curves and Surfaces with Endpoints G1 Continuity
    Huang Weixian and Wang Guojin
    2011, 48(9): 1781-1787.
    Abstract PDF
    Multi-Scale Image Mosaic Using Features from Edge
    Cao Shixiang, Jiang Jie, Zhang Guangjun, and Yuan Yan
    2011, 48(9): 1788-1793.
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