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    Summary of Research for Erasure Code in Storage System
    Luo Xianghong and Shu Jiwu
    2012, 49(1): 1-11.
    Abstract PDF
    Research and Development on Key Techniques of Data Deduplication
    Fu Yinjin, Xiao Nong, and Liu Fang
    2012, 49(1): 12-20.
    Abstract PDF
    Survey of Design-for-Debug of VLSI
    Qian Cheng, Shen Haihua, Chen Tianshi, Chen Yunji
    2012, 49(1): 21-34.
    Abstract PDF
    Accelerating Program Behavior Analysis with Dynamic Binary Translation
    Zhao Tianlei, Tang Yuxing, Fu Guitao, Jia Xiaomin, Qi Shubo, and Zhang Minxuan
    2012, 49(1): 35-43.
    Abstract PDF
    A Best-Effort Hardware Transactional Memory Based on Dependency Graph
    Zeng Kun and Yang Xuejun
    2012, 49(1): 44-54.
    Abstract PDF
    A 2D-Cache Based Memory Bandwidth Optimization Method for H.264 Motion Compensation
    Wang Wenxiang, Zhang Guangfei, Shen Haihua
    2012, 49(1): 55-63.
    Abstract PDF
    High Efficient Memory Race Recording Scheme for Parallel Program Deterministic Replay Under Multi-Core Architecture
    Liu Lei, Huang He, Tang Zhimin
    2012, 49(1): 64-75.
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    InfiniBand-Based Multi-path Mesh/Torus Interconnection Network for Massively Parallel Systems
    Xia Xiaoshuang, Liu Yi, Wang Yunbin, Qian Depei
    2012, 49(1): 76-82.
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    Revisiting Amdahl’s Law in the Hierarchical Chip Multicore Processors
    Chen Shuming, Chen Shenggang, and Yin Yaming
    2012, 49(1): 83-92.
    Abstract PDF
    Program’s Performance Profiling Optimization for Guiding Static Cache Partitioning
    Jia Yaocang, Wu Chenggang, Zhang Zhaoqing
    2012, 49(1): 93-102.
    Abstract PDF
    A New Analysis Model for Task Buffer of Pipeline Simulator Based on Queueing Network
    Qiu Tie, Guo He, Feng Lin, Si Weisheng, Liu Xiaoyan
    2012, 49(1): 103-110.
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    An Alternating-Complementary Self-Recovering Method Based on Dual FSMs
    Chen Xiumei, Liang Huaguo, Huang Zhengfeng, Wu Zhenni, Cao Yuan
    2012, 49(1): 111-117.
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    A Relaxed Co-Scheduling Method of Virtual CPUs on Xen Virtual Machines
    Wang Kai, Hou Zifeng
    2012, 49(1): 118-127.
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    Inheritance, Subversion and Transcendence—Computational Photography
    Xu Shukui, Zhang Jun, Tu Dan, and Li Guohui
    2012, 49(1): 128-143.
    Abstract PDF
    Global Topology Based Image Stitching Using Hierarchical Triangulation
    Zeng Dan, Chen Jian, Zhang Qi, and Shi Hao
    2012, 49(1): 144-151.
    Abstract PDF
    Cubic Bézier Triangular Patch with Shape Parameters
    Liu Zhi, Tan Jieqing, Chen Xiaoyan
    2012, 49(1): 152-157.
    Abstract PDF
    Audio Authentication Based on Music Content Analysis
    Wang Zhurong, Li Wei, Zhu Bilei, Li Xiaoqiang
    2012, 49(1): 158-166.
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    A Computation Method of Path Diversity Based on AS Relationships
    Zhang Weiguo, Yin Xia, and Wu Jianping
    2012, 49(1): 167-173.
    Abstract PDF
    An Adaptive MAC Protocol for Wireless LANs Under Error-Prone Environment
    Cheng Yanhong, Li Zhishu, and Chen Liangyin
    2012, 49(1): 174-182.
    Abstract PDF
    A NoC Router with Dynamically Allocated Virtual-Output-Queueing
    Zhu Honglei, Peng Yuanxi, Yin Yaming, and Chen Shenggang
    2012, 49(1): 183-192.
    Abstract PDF
    Lifetime Optimizing Scheme of WSN
    Sun Dayang, Liu Yanheng, Yang Dong, Wang Aimin
    2012, 49(1): 193-201.
    Abstract PDF
    An Unsupervised Rough Cognition Algorithm for Salient Object Extraction
    Li Zhongsheng, Li Renfa, Cai Zesu
    2012, 49(1): 202-209.
    Abstract PDF
    A Data Sealing Approach Based on Integrity Measurement Architecture
    Shen Qingni, Du Hong, Wen Han, Qing Sihan
    2012, 49(1): 210-216.
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