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    Research on Uncertain Skyline Query Processing Techniques
    Wang Yijie, Li Xiaoyong, Yang Yongtao, Qi Yafei, and Wang Guangdong
    2012, 49(10): 2045-2053.
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    Estimation on Worst-Case Execution Time of Real-Time Complex Event Processing
    Li Xiang, Fan Yushun, Wang Hongan, Qiao Ying
    2012, 49(10): 2054-2065.
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    Partition-Based Set Similarity Join
    Rong Chuitian, Xu Tianren, Du Xiaoyong
    2012, 49(10): 2066-2076.
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    Query Results Authentication of Outsourced Append-Only Databases
    Wen Tao, Sheng Gang, Guo Quan, Sheng Guojun
    2012, 49(10): 2077-2085.
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    VPM: Materialization Based on Path with Values in Column-Stores
    Ding Xiangwu, Yu Wenbing, Liu Guohua
    2012, 49(10): 2086-2094.
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    BTreeU-Topk: Binary-Tree Based Top-k Query Algorithms on Uncertain Data
    Zhang Hui, Zheng Jiping, Han Qiuting
    2012, 49(10): 2095-2105.
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    View-Tree-Based Dynamic View Selection
    Lin Ziyu, Zou Quan, Lin Chen, Lai Yongxuan, Zheng Wei
    2012, 49(10): 2106-2117.
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    On-Line Dynamic Index Hybrid Update Scheme Based on Self-Learning of Allocated Space
    Liu Xiaozhu, Peng Zhiyong
    2012, 49(10): 2118-2130.
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    A Highly Scalable RDF Data Storage System
    Yuan Pingpeng, Liu Pu, Zhang Wenya, and Wu Buwen
    2012, 49(10): 2131-2141.
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    An Index Supporting Spatial Approximate Keyword Search on Disks
    Wang Jinbao, Gao Hong, Li Jianzhong, Yang Donghua
    2012, 49(10): 2142-2152.
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    Social Roles Discovery of Moving Objects Based on Spatial-Temporal Associated Semantics and Temporal Entropy of Trajectories
    Ma Yuchi, Yang Ning, Xie Lin, Li Chuan, and Tang Changjie
    2012, 49(10): 2153-2160.
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    Fuzzy Spatio-Temporal Range Querying over Uncertain Moving Objects
    Chen Yifei, Qin Xiaolin, Li Bohan
    2012, 49(10): 2161-2170.
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    Topic-relevant Region Queries in Spatial Database
    Liu Junling, Yu Ge, Sun Huanliang
    2012, 49(10): 2171-2180.
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    Threshold-Based Heuristic Algorithm for Influence Maximization
    Chen Hao and Wang Yitong
    2012, 49(10): 2181-2188.
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    Sliding Window Top-K Frequent Item Query on Uncertain Stream
    Wang Shuang, Wang Guoren
    2012, 49(10): 2189-2197.
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    A Network Community Detection Method Based on Dynamic Model of Synchronization
    Huang Jianbin, Bai Yang, Kang Jianmei, Zhong Xiang, Zhang Xin, Sun Heli
    2012, 49(10): 2198-2207.
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    Computing Expected Shortest Distance in Uncertain Graphs
    Li Mingpeng, Zou Zhaonian, Gao Hong, Zhao Zhengli
    2012, 49(10): 2208-2220.
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    Selection-Verification-Filtering: An Iterative Subgraph Containment Query Processing Strategy
    Lu Jianhua, Zhang Baili, Jiang Shan, Lu Ningyun, Wang Feifei
    2012, 49(10): 2221-2228.
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    An Adaptive Probability Broadcast-Based Data Preservation in Wireless Sensor Networks
    Liang Junbin, Li Taoshen
    2012, 49(10): 2229-2240.
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    SMap: Semantically Mapping Relational Database Schemas to OWL Ontologies
    Jia Cunxin, Hu Wei, Bai Wenyang, and Qu Yuzhong
    2012, 49(10): 2241-2250.
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    KWSDS: A Top-k Keyword Search System in Relational Databases
    Tang Mingzhu, Yang Yan, Guo Xuequan, Shen Zhonghui, Zhong Yingli
    2012, 49(10): 2251-2259.
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    An Implementation of Attributive Predicate Lock in Database System
    Shou Lidan, Hu Wei, Luo Xinyuan, Chen Ke, and Chen Gang
    2012, 49(10): 2260-2270.
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