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    Survey of Cyber-Physical Systems
    Li Renfa, Xie Yong, Li Rui, and Li Lang
    2012, 49(6): 1149-1161.
    Abstract PDF
    Advances in Active Learning Algorithms Based on Sampling Strategy
    Wu Weining, Liu Yang, Guo Maozu, and Liu Xiaoyan
    2012, 49(6): 1162-1173.
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    Modeling and Analysis of Multicast Delay in Network Coding-Based Multi-Radio Wireless Mesh Networks
    Wang Wei, Yang Ming, Luo Junzhou, and Wu Wenjia
    2012, 49(6): 1174-1184.
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    Closely Social Circuit Based Routing in Social Delay Tolerant Networks
    Li Zhi, Li Qianmu, Zhang Hong, Liu Fengyu
    2012, 49(6): 1185-1195.
    Abstract PDF
    An Interpolation Algorithm Based on Sliding Neighborhood in Wireless Sensor Networks
    Li Bin, Lin Yaping, Zhou Siwang, Luo Qing, and Yin Bo
    2012, 49(6): 1196-1203.
    Abstract PDF
    A Globaltrust-Based Differentiated Service Scheme in BitTorrent
    Man Jingui, Wang Miao, Zhang Hanwen, Zhang Yujun
    2012, 49(6): 1204-1210.
    Abstract PDF
    Adaptive Executable Test Sequences Generation from an Extended Finite State Machine
    Shu Ting, Liu Lianggui, Xu Weiqiang, and Li Wenshu
    2012, 49(6): 1211-1219.
    Abstract PDF
    A Load Balanced Switch Architecture Based on Implicit Flow Splitter
    Shen Zhijun, Zeng Huashen
    2012, 49(6): 1220-1227.
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    Localization Based on Particle Swarm Optimization with Penalty Function for Wireless Sensor Network
    Cai Shaobin, Gao Zhenguo, Pan Haiwei, Shi Ying
    2012, 49(6): 1228-1234.
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    Dynamic and Comprehensive Evaluation Mothod for Interoperability Trust Based on Fuzzy Variable Weighting
    Wang Yanhui, Xiao Xuemei, Jia Limin
    2012, 49(6): 1235-1242.
    Abstract PDF
    Dimensions of Vector Spaces of Annihilators for Maiorana-McFarland's Bent Functions
    Zhang Fengrong, Hu Yupu, Ma Hua, Xie Min, Zhou Yu
    2012, 49(6): 1243-1247.
    Abstract PDF
    Approximate Model Selection on Regularization Path for Support Vector Machines
    Ding Lizhong and Liao Shizhong
    2012, 49(6): 1248-1255.
    Abstract PDF
    Supervised and Transductive Ranking Algorithms with Relational Objects
    Peng Zewu, Tang Yong, Luo Haixia, Pan Yan
    2012, 49(6): 1256-1263.
    Abstract PDF
    A Weight Design Method Based on Power Transformation for Multi-Objective Evolutionary Algorithm MOEA/D
    Liu Hailin, Gu Fangqing, Cheung Yiuming
    2012, 49(6): 1264-1271.
    Abstract PDF
    Regularized Semi-Supervised Multi-Label Learning
    Li Yufeng, Huang Shengjun, and Zhou Zhihua
    2012, 49(6): 1272-1278.
    Abstract PDF
    Invariant Synthesis for Conformant Planning
    Zhao Jingjing, Liu Dayou, Cai Dunbo
    2012, 49(6): 1279-1287.
    Abstract PDF
    Dynamic Adaptive Differential Evolution Based on Novel Mutation Strategy
    Bi Xiaojun, Liu Guo'an, Xiao Jing
    2012, 49(6): 1288-1297.
    Abstract PDF
    Query Classification Based on URL Topic
    Zhang Yu, Song Wei, Liu Ting, and Li Sheng
    2012, 49(6): 1298-1305.
    Abstract PDF
    An Active Labeling Method for Text Data Based on Nearest Neighbor and Information Entropy
    Zhu Yan, Jing Liping, and Yu Jian
    2012, 49(6): 1306-1312.
    Abstract PDF
    Mining Algorithm of Association Rules Based on Disk Table Resident FP-TREE
    Shen Yan, Song Shunlin, Zhu Yuquan
    2012, 49(6): 1313-1322.
    Abstract PDF
    Temporal Consistency Based Heuristics for Cost Optimization in Workflow Scheduling
    Liu Cancan, Zhang Weimin, Luo Zhigang, and Ren Kaijun
    2012, 49(6): 1323-1331.
    Abstract PDF
    Adaptive Software Testing Based on Controlled Markov Chain
    Bao Xiao'an, Yao Lan, Zhang Na, and Song Jinyu
    2012, 49(6): 1332-1338.
    Abstract PDF
    Noise Image Segmentation Using Fisher Criterion and Regularization Level Set Method
    Wen Qiaonong, Wan Suiren, Xu Shuang
    2012, 49(6): 1339-1347.
    Abstract PDF
    An Image Identification Algorithm Based on Digital Signature Method
    Li Xiaofei, Shen Xuanjing, Chen Haipeng, and Lü Yingda
    2012, 49(6): 1348-1356.
    Abstract PDF
    Spatial Information Services Chaining Based on Graphic-Workflow
    Zhang Jianbo, Liu Jiping, Wang Bei
    2012, 49(6): 1357-1362.
    Abstract PDF
    Locality Analysis and Optimization for Stream Programs Based on Iteration Sequence
    Tang Tao, Yang Xuejun, and Lin Yisong
    2012, 49(6): 1363-1375.
    Abstract PDF