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    False Positive Elimination in Static Defect Detection
    Zhao Yunshan, Gong Yunzhan, Zhou Ao, Wang Qian, and Zhou Hongbo
    2012, 49(9): 1822-1831.
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    Memory Leak Detection for Heap-Manipulating Programs Based on Local Heap Abstraction
    Dong Longming, Wang Ji, Chen Liqian, Dong Wei
    2012, 49(9): 1832-1842.
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    Automatically Generating Error-Traceable Test Cases Based on Compiler
    He Yanxiang, Chen Yong, Wu Wei, Xu Chao, and Wu Libing
    2012, 49(9): 1843-1851.
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    Application of Interval Arithmetic in Software Testing Based on Field-Sensitive Point-to Analysis
    Zhou Hongbo, Jin Dahai, and Gong Yunzhan
    2012, 49(9): 1852-1862.
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    Verifying the Correctness of Loop Optimization Based on Extended Logic Transformation System μTS
    Wang Changjing
    2012, 49(9): 1863-1873.
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    Dynamical Integrity of Codes: Model and Method
    Wu Hao and Wu Guoqing
    2012, 49(9): 1874-1882.
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    A Multi-Subpopulation PSO Immune Algorithm and Its Application on Function Optimization
    Wu Jianhui, Zhang Jing, Li Renfa, Liu Zhaohua
    2012, 49(9): 1883-1898.
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    A Fast Heuristic Parallel Ant Colony Algorithm for Circles Packing Problem with the Equilibrium Constraints
    Li Ziqiang, Tian Zhuojun, Wang Yishou, Yue Benxian
    2012, 49(9): 1899-1909.
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    Multiple Objects Event Detection over RFID Data Streams
    Peng Shanglian, Li Zhanhuai, Li Qiang, Chen Qun, Liu Hailong
    2012, 49(9): 1910-1925.
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    Mining Frequent Subtree on Paging XML Data Stream
    Lei Xiangxin, Yang Zhiying, Huang Shaoyin, Hu Yunfa
    2012, 49(9): 1926-1936.
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    An LDA Based Approach to Detect the Low-Quality Reply Posts in Web Forums
    Han Xiaohui, Ma Jun, Shao Haimin, and Xue Ran
    2012, 49(9): 1937-1946.
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    A Secure Top-k Query Protocol in Two-Tiered Sensor Networks
    Li Rui, Lin Yaping, Yi Yeqing, Xiong Shuai, and Ye Songtao
    2012, 49(9): 1947-1958.
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    Passive RFID Tag Anti-Collision Binary Tree Slotted Protocol without Tags Quantity Estimation
    Wu Haifeng, Zeng Yu, and Feng Jihua
    2012, 49(9): 1959-1971.
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    Traffic Anomaly Detection Using Multi-Dimensional Entropy Classification in Backbone Network
    Zheng Liming, Zou Peng, Han Weihong, Li Aiping, Jia Yan
    2012, 49(9): 1972-1981.
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    Anomaly Detection of User Behavior Based on Shell Commands and Co-Occurrence Matrix
    Li Chao, Tian Xinguang, Xiao Xi, Duan Miyi
    2012, 49(9): 1982-1990.
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    A Detection Model Based on Petri Nets of SMER Constraints Violation in Dynamic Role Translation
    Liu Meng, Wang Xuan, Huang Hejiao, Zhao Hainan, Zhang Jiajia
    2012, 49(9): 1991-1998.
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    Dynamic Multi-Secret Sharing Scheme Based on Cellular Automata
    Zhou Yousheng, Wang Feng, Qing Sihan, Yang Yixian, Niu Xinxin
    2012, 49(9): 1999-2004.
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    eTissue: An Adaptive Reconfigurable Bio-Inspired Hardware Architecture
    Xu Jiaqing, Dou Yong, Lü Qi, Feng Xue
    2012, 49(9): 2005-2017.
    Abstract PDF
    An Optimized Code-Generating Algorithm for Reconfigurable Instruction Set Processors
    Zhang Huizhen, Wang Chao, Li Xi, Zhou Xuehai
    2012, 49(9): 2018-2026.
    Abstract PDF
    A Novel Flow for Asynchronous Circuit Design Using Synchronous EDA Tools
    Wang Yourui, Shi Wei, Wang Zhiying, Lu Hongyi, and Su Bo
    2012, 49(9): 2027-2035.
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    Applying Batch Processing to Improve Performance of iSCSI Storage System
    Han Yong, Yao Nianmin, and Diao Ying
    2012, 49(9): 2036-2043.
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