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    A Scenario of Trust Negotiation Based on TPM Anonymous Credentials
    Shi Zhiguo, He Yeping, Zhang Hong
    2008, 45(8): 1279-1289.
    Abstract PDF
    A Survey of Intrusion Response Decision-Making Techniques of Automated Intrusion Response Systems
    Mu Chengpo, Huang Houkuan, Tian Shengfeng, Li Xiangjun
    2008, 45(8): 1290-1298.
    Abstract PDF
    An FSM State Table Compressing Method Based on Deep Packet Inspection
    Chen Shuhui, Su Jinshu, Fan Huiping, and Hou Jie
    2008, 45(8): 1299-1306.
    Abstract PDF
    A Query Rewriting Algorithm Supporting Attribute Grain Database Encryption
    Xian Hequn and Feng Dengguo
    2008, 45(8): 1307-1314.
    Abstract PDF
    A New Verifier-Local Revocation Group Signature with Backward Unlinkability
    Wei Lingbo, Wu Chuankun, Zhou Sujing
    2008, 45(8): 1315-1321.
    Abstract PDF
    Network Pricing Mechanism with Congestion Charge and Compensation
    Dong Yongqiang, Yang Lu, and Dai Jiangpeng
    2008, 45(8): 1322-1329.
    Abstract PDF
    A Dynamic Sleep Scheduling Mechanism for Localization in Mobile Sensor Networks
    Liu Yuheng, Wu Jing, Chen Zhenyong, Xiong Zhang
    2008, 45(8): 1330-1337.
    Abstract PDF
    A New Approach to Heterogeneous Semantic Search on the Web
    Huang Rui, Shi Zhongzhi
    2008, 45(8): 1338-1345.
    Abstract PDF
    A General Formulation of Polynomial Smooth Support Vector Machines
    Xiong Jinzhi, Yuan Huaqiang, Peng Hong
    2008, 45(8): 1346-1353.
    Abstract PDF
    Ensembles of Classifiers for Chinese Word Sense Disambiguation
    Wu Yunfang, Wang Miao, Jin Peng, Yu Shiwen
    2008, 45(8): 1354-1361.
    Abstract PDF
    A Novel Method for Pitch Contour Clustering
    Huang Pingmu, Liu Gang, and Guo Jun
    2008, 45(8): 1362-1370.
    Abstract PDF
    An Intelligentized Method of XML Query for Multiobjective Optimization Combined PSO and ACO
    Liu Bo, Yang Luming, Lei Gangyue, Xie Dong
    2008, 45(8): 1371-1378.
    Abstract PDF
    Study of Query Optimization Methods for Data on Tertiary Storage
    Liu Baoliang, Li Jianzhong, and Gao Hong
    2008, 45(8): 1379-1385.
    Abstract PDF
    A Video Segmentation Method Based on DEMD and Its Application on Video Watermarking
    Meng Yu, Li Wenhui, Peng Tao
    2008, 45(8): 1386-1394.
    Abstract PDF
    A Geometry Simplification Method for Mobile 3D Graphics
    Ma Jianping, Luo Xiaonan, Chen Bo, Chen Huahong
    2008, 45(8): 1395-1401.
    Abstract PDF
    A Method of Image Reconstruction Based on Sub-Gaussian Random Projection
    Fang Hong, Zhang Quanbing, Wei Sui
    2008, 45(8): 1402-1407.
    Abstract PDF
    Crosscutting Invasion and Crosscutting Invariant
    Lü Jia, Ying Jing, Wu Minghui, Jiang Tao
    2008, 45(8): 1408-1416.
    Abstract PDF
    Program Restructuring to Improve Efficiency of Software Model Checking
    Huang Weiping
    2008, 45(8): 1417-1422.
    Abstract PDF
    An Acquisition Algorithm of C/A Code in GPS Receiver Under Weak Signal Environment Based on Optimum Path
    Qin Xinxian, Xie Yingke, Han Chengde
    2008, 45(8): 1423-1429.
    Abstract PDF
    Design of HighSpeed FFT Processor for Length N=q×2\+m
    Deng Shanshan, Sun yi, Zhang Lisheng, Mo Zhifeng, Xie Yingke
    2008, 45(8): 1430-1438.
    Abstract PDF
    A Novel System-Level Communication Synthesis Methodology Containing Crossbar Bus and Shared Bus
    Cao Yafei, Wang Dawei, and Li Sikun
    2008, 45(8): 1439-1445.
    Abstract PDF
    DSCF: Data Streams Clustered Forwarding for Multi-Core DSPs with Memories Shared
    Wang Dong and Chen Shuming
    2008, 45(8): 1446-1553.
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