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    Research and Development on Boltzmann Machine
    Liu Jianwei, Liu Yuan, and Luo Xionglin
    2014, 51(1): 1-16.
    Abstract PDF
    Survey of Scheduling Policies for Co-Run Degradation
    Lü Fang, Cui Huimin, Huo Wei, Feng Xiaobing
    2014, 51(1): 17-30.
    Abstract PDF
    Survey of Cloth Animation Based on Physical Simulation
    Liang Xiuxia, Han Huijian, Zhang Caiming
    2014, 51(1): 31-40.
    Abstract PDF
    PAA: An Efficient Approximate Aggregation Algorithm on Massive Data
    Han Xixian, Li Jianzhong, and Gao Hong
    2014, 51(1): 41-53.
    Abstract PDF
    An Optimization Approach of Known-Item Search on Large-Scale Graph Data
    Zhong Ming, Wang Sheng, and Liu Mengchi
    2014, 51(1): 54-63.
    Abstract PDF
    Key-Based Method for Extracting Entities from XML Data
    Liu Xianmin and Li Jianzhong
    2014, 51(1): 64-75.
    Abstract PDF
    A Data Stream Subspace Clustering Algorithm Based on Region Partition
    Yu Xiang, Yin Guisheng, Xu Xiandong, Wang Jianwei
    2014, 51(1): 88-95.
    Abstract PDF
    Intent Reduction of Concept Lattice and Database Inference Dependence
    Xue Jinrong, An Qiusheng, Zheng Jun
    2014, 51(1): 96-103.
    Abstract PDF
    An Accurate Method for Mining top-k Frequent Pattern Under Differential Privacy
    Zhang Xiaojian, Wang Miao, Meng Xiaofeng
    2014, 51(1): 104-114.
    Abstract PDF
    Location Privacy Preserving Obstructed Nearest Neighbor Queries
    Zhu Huaijie, Wang Jiaying, Wang Bin, and Yang Xiaochun
    2014, 51(1): 115-125.
    Abstract PDF
    A t-closeness Privacy Model Based on Sensitive Attribute Values Semantics Bucketization
    Zhang Jianpei, Xie Jing, Yang Jing, and Zhang Bing
    2014, 51(1): 126-137.
    Abstract PDF
    Differentiated Bit Error Rate Estimation for Wireless Networks
    Zhang Zhaoliang, Chen Haiming, Huang Tingpei, Cui Li
    2014, 51(1): 138-150.
    Abstract PDF
    Density and Distance Based Probabilistic Broadcasting Algorithm in Mobile Sensor Networks
    Shen Yue, Guo Longjiang, Li Jinbao
    2014, 51(1): 151-160.
    Abstract PDF
    Inter-Flow Network Coding Based Anycast Routing Protocol for Multi-Sink Wireless Sensor Networks
    Tong Jie, Du Zhigao, Qian Depei
    2014, 51(1): 161-172.
    Abstract PDF
    Partial Dynamic Reconfigurable WSN Node with Power and Area Efficiency
    Li Yibin, Jia Zhiping, Xie Shuai, and Liu Fucai
    2014, 51(1): 173-179.
    Abstract PDF
    Compressive Sensing-Based Wireless Array and Collaborative Signal Processing Method
    Yu Kai, Yin Ming, Zong Xiaojie, Wang Yingguan, Wang Zhi
    2014, 51(1): 180-188.
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    Rapid Traffic Congestion Monitoring Based on Floating Car Data
    Wu Peili, Liu Kui'en, Hao Shengang, Zhang Quanxin, Tan Yu'an
    2014, 51(1): 189-198.
    Abstract PDF
    Migration Algorithm for Big Marine Data in Hybrid Cloud Storage
    Huang Dongmei, Du Yanling, and He Qi
    2014, 51(1): 199-205.
    Abstract PDF
    Personalized Representation and Rank Algorithm for Enterprise Search Engines
    Li Guilin, Yang Yuqi, Gao Xing, and Liao Minghong
    2014, 51(1): 206-214.
    Abstract PDF
    Mean Shift Tracking Algorithm with Scale Adaptation
    Zhang Fengjun, Zhao Ling, An Guocheng, Wang Hongan, Dai Guozhong
    2014, 51(1): 215-224.
    Abstract PDF
    Fusion of HCRF and AAM Highlight Events Detection in Soccer Videos
    Tong Ming, Ding Liwei, and Ji Chenglong
    2014, 51(1): 225-236.
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