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    A Survey of Statistical Language Modeling for Text Retrieval
    Ding Guodong, Bai Shuo, and Wang Bin
    2006, 43(5): 769-776.
    Abstract PDF
    Model-Based Methods for Software Cost Estimation
    He Xiaoyang and Wang Yasha
    2006, 43(5): 777-783.
    Abstract PDF
    Research on Topology Discovery in the Overlay Multicast
    Cao Jia, Lu Shiwen
    2006, 43(5): 784-790.
    Abstract PDF
    Research on Mobile Agent Path Optimization Algorithm in Grid
    Zhang Zhirou, Luo Siwei, Chen Xin, Zhong Jingjing
    2006, 43(5): 791-796.
    Abstract PDF
    A Static Scheduling Algorithm Based on Global Task-Transferring
    Liang Hongtao, Yuan Youguang, Fang Ming
    2006, 43(5): 797-804.
    Abstract PDF
    A Real Time Network Traffic Prediction Algorithm Based on Hybrid Model
    Li Jie, Liu Ruixin, Liu Xianxing, Han Zhijie
    2006, 43(5): 806-812.
    Abstract PDF
    A Schedulability Analysis Algorithm for EDF-Based End-to-End Real-Time Systems
    Shen Zhuowei and Wang Yun
    2006, 43(5): 813-820.
    Abstract PDF
    The Semantic Based Information Service of an Image Processing Grid Platform
    He Ruhan, Jin Hai, Liao Zhensong, and Zhang Qin
    2006, 43(5): 821-827.
    Abstract PDF
    Indexing Moving Objects Trajectories on Fixed Networks
    Li Guohui and Zhong Xiya
    2006, 43(5): 828-833.
    Abstract PDF
    An Efficient Discovering and Maintenance Algorithm of Subspace Clustering over High Dimensional Data Streams
    Zhou Xiaoyun, Sun Zhihui, Zhang Baili, and Yang Yidong
    2006, 43(5): 834-840.
    Abstract PDF
    An Evolutionary Programming to Solve Constrained Optimization Problems
    Dong Hongbin, Huang Houkuan, He Jun, Hou Wei
    2006, 43(5): 841-850.
    Abstract PDF
    K-Cluster Subgoal Discovery Algorithm for Option
    Wang Bennian, Gao Yang, Chen Zhaoqian, Xie Junyuan, Chen Shifu
    2006, 43(5): 851-855.
    Abstract PDF
    Study of the Counterpropagation Network Based on the EM Algorithm and Its Application
    Hao Yu, Ye Shiwei
    2006, 43(5): 856-861.
    Abstract PDF
    Research on Solving the Problem of CMAC Neural Network Collision
    Su Xiaohong, Zhang Mingjie, Ma Peijun, and Wang Yadong
    2006, 43(5): 862-866.
    Abstract PDF
    The Studying of Frame APRF of Pattern-Recognition Based on Agent
    Tang Yunting, Cheng Xianyi
    2006, 43(5): 867-873.
    Abstract PDF
    Equation Theory of Type System λω×\-≤ and the Soundness of Its Semantics
    Zhou Xiaocong
    2006, 43(5): 874-880.
    Abstract PDF
    A Software Reliability Growth Model Considering Testing Environment and Actual Operation Environment
    Zhao Jing, Liu Hongwei, Cui Gang, and Yang Xiaozong
    2006, 43(5): 881-887.
    Abstract PDF
    Hybrid Indexing of Moving Objects with Frequent Updates
    Liao Wei, Xiong Wei, Jing Ning, Chen Hongsheng, and Zhong Zhinong
    2006, 43(5): 888-893.
    Abstract PDF
    Constraint-Based Termination Analysis of Active Rules
    Xu Guihong, Zhang Jian
    2006, 43(5): 894-900.
    Abstract PDF
    An Approach to Termination Decision for a Rule Set Based on Activation Path and Conditional Formula
    Xiong Zhongmin, Hao Zhongxiao
    2006, 43(5): 901-907.
    Abstract PDF
    A Time Serial Model for Divisional Dynamic Terrain
    Chen Guojun, Zhao Qinping
    2006, 43(5): 908-913.
    Abstract PDF
    Uniform Interval Implicitization of Rational Surfaces
    Li Yajuan and Wang Guozhao
    2006, 43(5): 914-919.
    Abstract PDF
    A New Method of Edge Detection Based on Statistical Vector and Neural Network
    Zhang Jing, Zhang Quan, and Wang Xin
    2006, 43(5): 920-926.
    Abstract PDF
    New Word Detection Based on Large-Scale Corpus
    Cui Shiqi, Liu Qun, Meng Yao, Yu Hao, Nishino Fumihito
    2006, 43(5): 927-932.
    Abstract PDF
    Word Sense Disambiguation Based on Multi-Classifier Decision
    Quan Changqin, He Tingting, Ji Donghong, Yu Shaowen
    2006, 43(5): 933-939.
    Abstract PDF
    Lossless Configuration Bitstream Compression for Virtex FPGAs
    Gu Haiyun, Li Li, Xu Juyan, Gao Minglun
    2006, 43(5): 940-945.
    Abstract PDF
    A Fast Algorithm for Leakage Power Reduction by Input Vector Control
    Chang Xiaotao, Fan Dongrui, Han Yinhe, Zhang Zhimin
    2006, 43(5): 946-952.
    Abstract PDF
    Formal Analysis of Security Protocol Based on Process Calculus and Knowledge Derivation
    Gu Yonggen, Fu Yuxi
    2006, 43(5): 953-958.
    Abstract PDF