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    Design and Performance Analysis of the Godson-2 Processor
    Hu Weiwu, Zhang Fuxin, and Li Zusong
    2006, 43(6): 959-966.
    Abstract PDF
    Functional Units Design in Godson-2 Processor
    Zhang Ge, Qi Zichu, and Hu Weiwu
    2006, 43(6): 967-973.
    Abstract PDF
    Function Verification of Godson-2 Processor
    Zhang Heng, Shen Haihua
    2006, 43(6): 974-979.
    Abstract PDF
    Critical Techniques of System Optimization for Godson-2 Processor
    Wu Ming, Zhang Fuxin, Lin Wei, Xu Xianchao, Yuan Nan, and Wang Jian
    2006, 43(6): 980-986.
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    Research on High Performance General Purpose Microprocessor Architecture
    Zhang Minxuan, Wang Yongwen, Xing Zuocheng, Deng Rangyu, Jiang Jiang, and Zhang Chengyi
    2006, 43(6): 987-992.
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    Research and Development of High Performance YHFT Digital Signal Processor
    Chen Shuming, Li Zhentao, Wan Jianghua, Hu Dinglei, Guo Yang, Wang Dong, Hu Xiao, and Sun Shuwei
    2006, 43(6): 993-1000.
    Abstract PDF
    A Multiple-Scan-Chain Test Approach Based on Combinational Decompression Circuits
    Dong Jie, Hu Yu, Han Yinhe, Li Xiaowei
    2006, 43(6): 1001-1007.
    Abstract PDF
    Multilayer Light-Gossip—An Efficient Search Algorithm in Peer-to-Peer Networks
    Li Renfa, Yue Guangxue, Zhou Zude
    2006, 43(6): 1008-1018.
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    An Energy Efficient and Location-Independent QoS Protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks
    Mao Yingchi, Gong Haigang, Liu Ming, Chen Daoxu, Xie Li
    2006, 43(6): 1019-1026.
    Abstract PDF
    Analysis of Short-Term and Long-Term Forecast of Weighted Internet Traveling Diameter
    Zhao Hai, Xu Ye, Su Weiji, Zhang Wenbo, and Zhang Xin
    2006, 43(6): 1027-1035.
    Abstract PDF
    Multicast Scheduling in Buffered Crossbar Switches with Multiple Input Queues
    Sun Shutao, He Simin, Zheng Yanfeng, Gao Wen
    2006, 43(6): 1036-1043.
    Abstract PDF
    Application of an Improved PageRank in Web Crawler
    Qin Zheng, Zhang Ling, Li Na
    2006, 43(6): 1044-1049.
    Abstract PDF
    An Attribute-Based Extended Delegation Model
    Ye Chunxiao, Wu Zhongfu, Fu Yunqing, Zhong Jiang, Feng Yong
    2006, 43(6): 1050-1057.
    Abstract PDF
    Detection of Secret Message in Spatial LSB Steganography Based on Contaminated Data Analysis
    Liu Wenfen, Guan Wei, Cao Jia, and Zhang Weiming
    2006, 43(6): 1058-1064.
    Abstract PDF
    Separation of Duty in Dynamic Role Translations Between Administrative Domains
    Liao Junguo, Hong Fan, Zhu Xian, Xiao Haijun
    2006, 43(6): 1065-1070.
    Abstract PDF
    Enumerations and Counting of Orthomorphic Permutations
    Ren Jinping and Lü Shuwang
    2006, 43(6): 1071-1075.
    Abstract PDF
    VLSI Design of a High-Speed RSA Crypto-Coprocessor with Reconfigurable Architecture
    Fan Yibo, Zeng Xiaoyang, and Yu Yu
    2006, 43(6): 1076-1082.
    Abstract PDF
    A Priority Mapping Algorithm Without Affecting the Schedulability of Tasks Set
    Wang Baojin, Li Mingshu
    2006, 43(6): 1083-1089.
    Abstract PDF
    Performance Lossless Voltage Scheduling for Low Energy Software
    Lei Ting, Li Xi, and Zhou Xuehai
    2006, 43(6): 1090-1096.
    Abstract PDF
    Research on Generating Incremental ETL Processes Automatically
    Zhang Xufeng, Sun Weiwei, Wang Wei, Feng Yahui, and Shi Baile
    2006, 43(6): 1097-1103.
    Abstract PDF
    An Accelerating Chaos Evolution Algorithm of Bilateral Multi-Issue Automated Negotiation in MAS
    Gao Jian and Zhang Wei
    2006, 43(6): 1104-1108.
    Abstract PDF
    Cognitive-Cooperation-Oriented Knowledge Flow Research
    Dou Wanchun, Liu Xiping, and Cai Shijie
    2006, 43(6): 1109-1114.
    Abstract PDF
    A Parallel Geometric Correction Algorithm Based on Dynamic Division-Point Computing
    Ou Xinliang, Chen Songqiao, Chang Zhiming
    2006, 43(6): 1115-1121.
    Abstract PDF
    Disambiguation in a Modern Chinese General-Purpose Word Segmentation System
    Luo Zhiyong, Song Rou
    2006, 43(6): 1122-1128.
    Abstract PDF
    Sentences Optimum Selection for Multi-Document Summarization
    Qin Bing, Liu Ting, Chen Shanglin, and Li Sheng
    2006, 43(6): 1129-1134.
    Abstract PDF