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    A Distributed Energy-Efficient Location-Independent Coverage Protocol in Wireless Sensor Networks
    Mao Yingchi, Liu Ming, Chen Lijun, Chen Daoxu, Xie Li
    2006, 43(2): 187-195.
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    A Packet Classification Algorithm Based on Self-Adaptive Cache
    Zhang Jianyu, Wei Tao, and Zou Wei
    2006, 43(2): 196-203.
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    PFED: A Prediction-Based Fair Active Queue Management Algorithm
    Gao Wenyu, Wang Jianxin, Chen Songqiao
    2006, 43(2): 204-210.
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    TBSF: A Two-Phase Bluetooth Scatternet Formation Algorithm
    Li Xiang and Yang Xiaozong
    2006, 43(2): 211-217.
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    A Bidirectional Path Re-Selection Based Load-Balanced Routing Protocol for Ad-Hoc Networks
    Zhang Xiangquan, Guo Wei
    2006, 43(2): 218-223.
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    Modeling of Autonomous Network Information Service
    Dong Wenyu, Sun Donghong, Xu Ke, Li Xuedong
    2006, 43(2): 224-230.
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    An Algorithm Based on Mobility Prediction and Probability for Energy-Efficient Multicasting in Ad Hoc Networks
    Luo Yuhong, Chen Songqiao, and Wang Jianxin
    2006, 43(2): 231-237.
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    A Cluster Based Security Scheme in Wireless Ad Hoc Networks
    Zhang Xiaoning and Feng Dengguo
    2006, 43(2): 238-243.
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    Blind Source Separation Based on Genetic Algorithm
    Yi Yeqing, Lin Yaping, Lin Mu, Li Xiaolong, Wang Lei
    2006, 43(2): 244-252.
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    Spatial Reasoning Combining Topological and Cardinal Directional Relation Information
    Sun Haibin and Li Wenhui
    2006, 43(2): 253-259.
    Abstract PDF
    Perceptron for Language Modeling
    Yu Hao, Bu Fenglin, Gao Jianfeng
    2006, 43(2): 260-267.
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    Fusion of Clustering Trigger-Pair Features for POS Tagging Based on Maximum Entropy Model
    Zhao Yan, Wang Xiaolong, Liu Bingquan, and Guan Yi
    2006, 43(2): 268-274.
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    A Web Search Result Clustering Based on Tolerance Rough Set
    Yi Gaoxiang and Hu Heping
    2006, 43(2): 275-280.
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    An Efficient Algorithm for Computing an Irreducible Rule Set in Active Database
    Hao Zhongxiao, Xiong Zhongmin
    2006, 43(2): 281-287.
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    Using Histograms to Estimate the Selectivity of XPath Expression with Value Predicates
    Wang Yu, Meng Xiaofeng, Wang Shan
    2006, 43(2): 288-294.
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    ASGT: An Approach to Concurrency Control in Mobile Transaction Management Based on Prediction and Adaptation
    Li Xiaorong, Shi Baile
    2006, 43(2): 295-300.
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    Modeling Irregular Dimensions in OLAP
    Li Zehai, Sun Jigui, Zhao Jun, Yu Haihong
    2006, 43(2): 301-306.
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    A Norm-Driven Grid Workflow State Machine Model
    Zhang Shichao, Xu Yinjun, Gu Ning, Shi Baile
    2006, 43(2): 307-313.
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    A Negotiation-Based Approach for Software Process Collaboration
    Zhao Xinpei, Li Mingshu, Chan Keith, Wang Qing
    2006, 43(2): 314-320.
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    A Simplified Method for Generating Test Path Cases in Branch Testing
    Mao Chengying and Lu Yansheng
    2006, 43(2): 321-328.
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    Static Data-Race Detection for Multithread Programs
    Wu Ping, Chen Yiyun, Zhang Jian
    2006, 43(2): 329-335.
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    Mapping Cobol Data to Java Type System with Functional Equivalence
    Shi Xuelin, Zhang Zhaoqing, and Wu Chenggang
    2006, 43(2): 336-342.
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    A BIST Scheme Based on Selecting State Transition of Folding Counters
    Liang Huaguo, Fang Xiangsheng, Jiang Cuiyun, Ouyang Yiming, Yi Maoxiang
    2006, 43(2): 343-349.
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    Approach to Analyze the Relationship of High-Level Fault Models
    Yang Xiutao, Lu Wei, Li Xiaowei
    2006, 43(2): 350-355.
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    An Algorithm for Collision Detection and Response Between Human Body Model and Cloth in 3D Garment Simulation
    Mao Tianlu, Wang Zhaoqi, Xia Shihong
    2006, 43(2): 356-361.
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    R-tree Method of Matching Algorithm for Data Distribution Management
    Jiang Xiajun, Wu Huizhong, and Li Weiqing
    2006, 43(2): 362-367.
    Abstract PDF
    Human Motion Recognition and Simulation Based on Retrieval
    Zhao Guoying, Li Zhenbo, Deng Yu, Li Hua
    2006, 43(2): 368-373.
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